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Light Yellow Urine

A light yellow urine color usually indicates a very healthful urine. The light straw yellow urine will have a low odor, few bubbles in the urine, minimal froth, and have a clear urine regularity.

Your urine is most likely healthful.

Although it appears to be that the more clearer the urine the more healthful, which is not the case. If your urine color is very clear, it is showing a high concentration of water, along with a lower concentration of actual waste. Clear urine could imply you are perfectly hydrated, however low concentration of waste is not necessarily a good thing. This means that you have to pee more to get rid of waste your body does not require.

Now, while it is easy to state that you have healthful urine if the urine color is light yellow, you have to pay attention to other factors to be sure you are actually healthful.

Regardless of the healthy urine color, the next problems may mean there are some health problems to watch for.

  • Have you got painful urination?
  • Is it difficult to urinate?
  • Are you peeing more than normal?
  • Does your light yellow urine have blood in it?

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms with your peeing, note the frequency. If it proceeds for longer than a day, please see your doctor.

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